More than a French teacher – a coach who guides you

Teaching French particularly means coaching, trying to motivate the course participants, building trust and a working relationship. I often teach individual courses or group courses with no more than six participants. I exclusively teach customised courses, and we stay in touch by email in between the lessons. Stressed about preparing for the Monday morning meeting? No problem, we’ll Skype on Sunday evening and go through the notes together. I’m always available to my students.

Improve your business French through training on the job

My most important activity is teaching French courses and generally I remain with a company for a longer period (two years on average and more than five years in some cases). I’m also often asked for other activities, such as:

  • translation work: translating internet websites, brochures, documentation, emails from customers and suppliers, etc. into French
  • debtor management: together with my course participants, calling customers with payment arrears. We take a stack of invoices, prepare the telephone conversation by drawing up a short script and call the debtor. I sit next to the participant to intervene if necessary
  • attending job interviews: companies who are looking for an employee who speaks French and want to be certain that his/her level of French matches the required level. No official exam, just a simple 15-minute conversation with the applicant to get an idea of his or her level is sufficient
  • joining the course participant during a visit to customers: sometimes, I accompany my participants to their customers in France or Belgium. One of my course participants had to teach a training course in French about a new computer program. I was there to rephrase questions if necessary and to support my participant during the dinner.

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