Course Business French for each Level

I’ve developed three courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. I often teach individual courses and when I teach group courses, I usually limit these to six people. I exclusively teach customised courses.


  • Basic course French: Beginners are able to hold a simple conversation in French at the end of the course (60 hours). Speak to a customer (by telephone), place an order and tell something about the products and company. Naturally, we also pay attention to grammar during this course.
  • Language Course French for Intermediate Learners: this course is meant for anyone who already speaks the language (level A2+). You will expand your vocabulary and repeat the lessons through role play. At the end of this course (30 hours), you can participate in a meeting, give a presentation or attend a fair in France.
  • Language Course French for Advanced Learners: for anyone who is already proficient in the language (level B1+). During this language course, the cultural differences between the Netherlands and France are extensively discussed. At the end of this course (30 hours), you are able to give a French business relation a tour of your company, have a (in-depth) conversation with your business partner during a lunch or dinner, or conduct negotiations.

Intensive French course is also available if necessary

Although you’ll learn the language better when you repeat and practise with the materials throughout a longer period, it’s sometimes necessary that you learn the language quickly. That’s why I offer an ‘intensive’, four-week course in French. You will follow two four-hour lessons each week. At the end of this course, you’ll have had 32 hours of French. Your knowledge of the French language will have increased by one level after these four weeks. What you’ve learned must be repeated and applied after the training.

French Language Course in Company or in Rotterdam Zestienhoven

Usually, I teach the French language course in company (at your work). Sometimes, however, clients prefer to take the course in Rotterdam Zestienhoven (my training location). For instance because they don’t want to be disturbed. Course participants experience the work environment as ‘peaceful’ and ‘beneficial to learning’.