What do course participants think of their French course ? 

I’ve spent quite a few hours studying with Anne, and it was definitely a great experience. Learning a language from scratch is always difficult, but you learn a lot step by step. It’s a good combination of grammar and a practical approach. Much of the lesson material is aimed at the professional field, because Anne often asks about current situations which means you can profit directly from what you learn. Carmen Ampt, Crop coordinator melon & Helda beans, Van Oers United, 23 september 2019

My (business) French lessons with Anne were very pleasant, her experience at management level often meant she was able to make an accurate translation into my learning needs. Her flexibility and genuine interest in me made for a wonderful learning atmosphere. She isn’t afraid to challenge you and keep you sharp where necessary, which was very helpful to get me out of my comfort zone (in my specific case: utilising a broader vocabulary and improving my grammar).
If you’re looking for a pleasant and efficient learning atmosphere, Anne is definitely a great choice! Aziza Djemili, Director of operations, Air Liquide/ VitalAir, 23 september 2019

I can highly recommend Anne: French lessons, completely aligned with my needs and professional field. She prepares thoroughly, which leads to practical and realistic discussions. Very pleasant personality, very flexible in terms of lesson times.
Bert Crevals, Key account Manager Oncology & hematology, Servier, 7 september 2019

If you’re looking to quickly get your French skills to the next level, Anne is the right person to help you. Anne’s method is efficient and effective. The fact that she offers a tailor-made approach, aimed at your personal objectives, makes her different from other institutes (where the offer is usually ‘general’). I have a commercial position in French-speaking Africa. Anne gathers information on your field, and the course is fully focused on this. By making use of your daily activities (such as presentations, quotations, trade fairs, email/telephone correspondence with customers) and by selecting fun, interesting articles and videos about your field in French, she made the lessons concrete, fun, tangible and immediately useful. Anne is very flexible. Since I travel a lot, it was helpful that the lesson times could be flexibly planned or changed. The lessons from Anne were very pleasant and useful, my level has increased by miles, and they were fun to boot. Anne’s love of French wines was a fortunate coincidence; we frequently enjoyed a nice glass of wine during lessons. I would definitely recommend Anne!
Alexander Bruring, Senior Sales Manager Africa, United Dutch Breweries, 13 december 2018

Anne is an excellent teacher and above all is very pleasant to work with. I started with little initial knowledge, but my French has grown exceptionally with one lesson per week for a year, which means I can now easily apply it in the French-speaking part of the world.
Stan van den Broek, advisor sustainable innovation, Partners voor innovation, 14 september 2018

Anne taught me conversation lessons in French. She teaches very pleasant lessons and made sure we spoke about subjects that are relevant to my daily work. This has greatly improved my vocabulary and significantly lowered the barrier for speaking to a French colleague or giving a presentation. Additionally, she is very flexible with regard to the lesson times and location (Skype was also fine).
Caroline van Turennout, manager Marketing & Communication Europe, Zeeman, 3 april 2018

I regularly travel to France for my work and to give myself an advantage during meetings, I took lessons with Anne for the past 18 months to get my French, and particularly verbal skills, to a reasonable level. Learning a language is always difficult for me, but with Anne’s patience and personal approach, I’ve made great strides. You’re constantly speaking during the lessons. Because it’s one on one, you can practice the professional jargon and examples from practice as well as prepare for upcoming meetings or trade fairs. I would recommend Efficient Frans Leren to anyone who’s looking for quick progress.
Floris Van den Heuvel, owner & director Texo Trade Services BV, 10 maart 2017

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